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CFMO Contracting Construction and Facilities Contracting


Construction & Facilities Contracting 

IFB # Description Bid Opening Estimate Advertisement BId Tabulations
AC-16-B-0011-SBirmingham (Airport) Building 525 HVAC Maintenance & Repair Birmingham, Alabama21 Jan 2016$ 1,200,000 Advertisement Abstract of Bids
AC-16-B-0023-SFoley Vehicle Maintenance Shop, Foley, Alabama11 Aug 2016$ 4,100,000 AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-16-B-0024-SGeneva Restoration Geneva, Alabama29 Sep 2016 $ 3,000,000 AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-16-B-0025-S​Phenix City Restoration Phenix City, Alabama​29 Sep 2016​$ 2,800,000​AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-16-B-0026-S​FMTC/Pelham Range Demolition of Various Buildings Anniston, Alabama​27 Sep 2016​$ 50,000​AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-16-B-0027-S​DRTS Utility Restoration Decatur, Alabama​27 Sep 2016​$ 2,500,000​AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-16-B-0029-S​Huntsville (Balch) Energy Conservation Improvements Huntsville, Alabama​27 Sep 2016​$ 600,000​Advertisement​Abstract of Bids
​AC-16-B-0030-S​FMTC Galloway Gate Reconfiguration Anniston, Alabama​27 Sep 2016​$ 700,000​AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-16-B-0033-S​Calera Restoration Calera, Alabama​29 Sep 2016​$ 1,500,000​AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-16-B-0034-S​Hope Hull Restoration Hope Hull,  Alabama​29 Sep 2016​$ 3,600,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0001-S​Montgomery (JFHQ) Canteen Fuel Point Relocation Montgomery, AL​26 Jan 2017​$ 300,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0002-S​FMTC/Pelham Range Demolition FY 17 Anniston, Alabama​23 Mar 2017​$ 245,000​AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0003-S​Montgomery  (JFHQ) Recycle Center Renovations​16 Mar 2017​$ 250,000​AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0006-S​Northport Restoration Northport, Alabama​13 Jul 2017​$ 2,450,000​AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0011-S​Pelham Range Rock Crusher Site Maintenance And Repair Anniston, Alabama​15 Jun 2017​$500,000​AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0012-S​Tuskegee Restoration Tuskegee, Alabama​13 Jul 2017    ​$2,115,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0013-S​Opelika Restoration Opelika, Alabama​20 Jul 2017​$2,715,000Advertisement​Abstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-014-S     ​FMTC Building 2220 Shell Repairs Anniston, Alabama​26 Sep 2017   ​$1,250,000  ​Advertisement​Abstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0015-S​Clayton Restoration Clayton, Alabama​14 Sep 2017​$1,880,000​AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-016-S    ​Cullman (CSMS #2) Lighting Upgrades Cullman, Alabama26 Sep 2017​ ​$1,077,000​AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0017-S ​Dothan  Restoration  Dothan,  Alabama​14 Sep 2017​$1,990,000Advertisement        ​               Abstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0018-S ​ Fairhope Restoration Fairhope, Alabama                  ​14 Sep 2017       ​ $1,860,000Advertisement
​AC-17-B-0019-S​Florence Restoration Florence, Alabama​14 Sep 2017​ $2,240,000Advertisement
​AC-17-B-0020-S​FMTC Building 2235 (Rock Cottage) Maintenance and Repair Anniston, Alabama​26 Sep 2017​$400,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0021-S​Gadsen (FT.RHEA) Restoration Gadsen, Alabama​21 Sep 2017​$3,200,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-17-B-0022-SMobile (AASF #3) Shell Repairs Mobile, Alabama26  Sep 2017$1,200,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0023-S​Pelham Restoration Pelham, Alabama​21 Sep 2017​$2,200,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0024-S ​ DRTI-Demolition of Variuos Buildings Decatur, Alabama​26 Sep 2017​$45,000​AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0025-S​DRTI Site Maintenance and Repairs (Roads and Sidewalks) Decatur, Alabama​26 Sep 2017​$500,000​AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0026-S​FMTC Building 2221 Shell Repairs Anniston, Alabama​26 Sep 2017​$1,250,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0028-S​ Montgomery (CSMS #1) Maintenance and Repair Montgomery, Alabama​26 Sep 2017​$805,000​ AdvertisementAbstract of Bids 
​AC-18-B-0004-S​Fairhope Restoration, Fairhope, Alabama​15 Mar 2018​$300,000Advertisement
​AC-18-B-0016-S​Andalusia Restoration, Andalusia, Alabama​15 Mar 2018​$1,600,000Advertisement
AC-18-B-0017-S​​Fayette Restoration, Fayette, Alabama​15 Mar 2018​$3,020,000Advertisement

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Awarded Contracts

 Contract  Number  Contract Date  Project Location Contractor Amount
AC-16-C-0004-S13 Oct 2015FMTC Bldg 2299 Shell RepairsFMTC​Hale Building Co., Inc​$ 836,154.00
​AC-16-C-0005-S​13 Oct 2015​FMTC PR Confidence Course Maint & Repair​FMTC PR​RDT Enterprises, LLC​$ 353,000.00
​​AC-16-C-0006-S​04 Nov 2015​Clayton Erosion Control Measures​Clayton​ Three Rivers Environmental Contracting, LLC​$ 26,135.65
​​AC-16-C-0007-S​04 Nov 2015​Montg (JFHQ USPFO) Traffic Control Measures​Montg JFHQ USPFO​Bradley Heating & Plumbling, Inc​$ 29,756.00
​​AC-16-C-0008-S​04 Nov 2015​Goodwater Supply Cage Installation​Goodwater​Business System & Consultants, Inc​$ 23,480.00
​​AC-16-C-0009-S​04 Nov 2015​Mobile (Ft Whiting) Live Oak Tree Paving​Mobile Ft Whiting​Southern Paver System, Inc​$ 41,890.00
​​AC-16-C-0010-S​29 Oct 2015​Hope Hull AASF #1 Shell Repair​Hope Hull​Wyatt Sasser Construction, LLC​$ 428,000.00
​​AC-16-C-0011-S​27 Jan 2016​Birmingham AFRC (Airport) Building 525 HVAC Maint & Repair​Birmingham​Eugene Turner General Contractor, Inc​$ 762,000.00
​​AC-16-C-0014-S​24 Mar 2016​Athens Additions & Alterations​Athens​Bldg Construction Assoc., Inc​$ 157,800.00
​​AC-16-C-0015-S​01 Apr 2016​Fairhope Repaving & Restriping​Fairhope​City of Fairhope​$ 27,300.00
​​AC-16-C-0022-S​25 May 2016​Montg Ft Taylor Hardin POV Parking Repairs​Montg Taylor Hardin​A & C Construction Co., Inc​$ 29,974.00
​​AC-16-C-0023-S​08 Sep 2016​Foley Vehicle Maintenance Shop​Foley​M.W. Rogers Construction, LLC​$ 4,653,300.00
​AC-16-C-0024-S​30 Sep 2016​Geneva Restoration​Geneva​Wyatt Sasser Construction. LL



​AC-16-C-0025-S​30 Sep 2016​Phenix City Restoration​Phenix City​RDT Enterprise, LLC​$ 2,807,000.00
​​AC-16-C-0026-S​30 Sep 2016​FMTC/Pelham Range Demolition of Various Buildings​FMTC/PR​Hale Huilding Co., Inc​$ 65,377.00
​AC-16-C-0027-S​30 Sep 2016​DRTS Utility Restoration ​DRT​Hale Huilding Co., Inc



​AC-16-C-0029-S​29 Sep 2016​Huntsville (Balch) Energy Conservation Improvement​Huntsville​Sateline Mechanical, LLC​$ 674,500.00
​AC-16-C-0030-S​29 Sep 2016​FMTC Galloway Gate Reconfiguration​FMTC​J.F Morgan General Contractor, Inc​$ 681,034.00
AC-16-C-0031-S​30 Sep 2016​AASF #3 Fire Suppression​Mobile​Wyatt Sasser Construction, LLC​$ 1,647,650.00
AC-16-C-0033-S​30 Sep 2016​Calera Restoration​​Calera​Frasier-Ousley Construction & Engineering, Inc



AC-16-C-0034-S​30 Sep 2016​Hope Hull Restoration ​Hope Hull​Holley-Henley Building,  Inc

​$ 3,328,763.00

​AC-17-C-0001-S​22 Jun 2017​Montgomery (JFHQ) Canteen Fuel Point Relocation​Montgomery​Pemberton​$359,000.00
AC-17-C-0002-S​18 May 2017​ FMTC/Pelham Range Demolitions - FY17​Anniston​Earth Service​$ 152,900.00
AC-17-C-0003-S​31 Mar 2017​Montgomery (JFHQ) Recycle Center Renovation​Montgomery ​W.W. Compton Contractor, LLC​$ 480,941.00
​AC-17-C-0006-S​29 Sep 2017​Northpoint Restoration​Northport​Bond Construction, LLC​$3,153,748.00
​AC-17-C-0011-S​1 Aug  2017​FMTC PR Rock Crusher Site Maint $ Repair​FMTC PR​Earth Services​$ 598,530.00
​AC-17-C-0012-S​18 Aug 2017​Tuskegee Restoration ​Tuskegee​Holley-Henley Builders, Inc​$3,077,596.00
​AC-17-C-0014-S​29 Sep  2017​FMTC Building 2220 Shell Repair​Anniston​Hale Bldg Co.,  Inc​$1,293,949.00
​AC-17-C-0015-S​29 Sep 2017​Clayton Restoration ​Clayton​Hollon Contracting, LLC​$2,592,500.00
​AC-17-C-0016-S​29 Sep 2017​Cullman (CSMS #2) Lighting Upgrades​Cullman ​A & S Electrical Contractors, Inc​$ 673,200.00
​AC-17-C-0017-S​29 Sep 2017​Dothan Restoration ​Dothan​Lewis Construction, LLC​$1,460,000.00
​AC-17-C-0020-S​29 Sep 2017​FMTC Bldg 2235 (Rock Cottage) M&R​FMTC​Hale Bldg Co., Inc​$ 345,480.00
​AC-17-C-0023-S​29 Sep 2017​Pelham Restoration​Pelham​Frasier-Ousley Constr & Engineering, Inc​$2,555,400.00
​AC-17-C-0024-S​29 Sep 2017​DRTI Demolition of Various Buildings- FY17​Decatur​Bostic Trucking & Excavating, Inc​$ 63,000.00
​AC-17-C-0025-S​29 Sep 2017​DRTI Site (Road & Sidewalks) Maint & Repairs​Decatur​Reed Contracting Services, Inc​$ 421,445.71
​AC-17-C-0026-S​29 Sep 2017​FMTC Bldg 2221 Shell Repairs​FMTC​Hale Bldg Co., Inc​$1,217,081.00
​AC-17-C-0028-S​29 Sep 2017​Montgomery (CSMS #1) Maintenance & Repair​Montgomery​Hutcheson Construction Co, Inc​$1,049,900.00

Architect-Engineer and Professional Services Contracts



 Architect-Engineer and Professional Services Contracts Awarded
Contract Number Contract Date Project Location Architect-Engineer Amount
​AC-16-C-0013-S​3 Feb 2016AE Service Foley VWS​Foley, ALJMR+H Architecture, P.C​$ 533.322
​​​AC-16-C-0016-S​​1 Jun 2016​OPEN END AE Services​​Statewide​AHO Architects, LLC​$ 1,500,000
​​​​AC-16-C-0017-S​​1 Jun 2016​OPEN END AE Services​​Statewide​Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood, Inc​​$ 1,500,000
​​​​AC-16-C-0018-S​​1 Jun 2016​OPEN END AE Services​​Statewide​Hendon + Huckestein Architects​​$ 1,500,000
​​​​AC-16-C-0019-S​​1 Jun 2016​OPEN END AE Services​​Statewide​Seay, Seay & Litchfield, P.C​​$ 1,500,000
​​​​AC-16-C-0020-S​​​1 Jun 2016​OPEN END AE Services​​Statewide​Williams Blackstock Architects, P.C​​$ 1,500,000
​​​​AC-16-C-0021-S​​​1 Jun 2016​OPEN END AE Services​​Statewide​Thompson Engineering, Inc​​$ 1,500,000

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