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      Mission Statement:       


The Alabama Army National Guard (ALARNG) is dedicated to the protection and preservation of our environment in a manner that facilitates military readiness, while emphasizing environmental stewardship and resource sustainability.


                                    Mohr's Barbara's buttons.jpg                                                      Tennessee yellow-eyed grass.jpg

Natural Resources Objective

The AL ARNG recognizes its responsibility to guarantee continued access to its land, air and water resources for realistic military training while ensuring that natural resources are sustained in a healthy condition for scientific research, education and other compatible uses by future generations.  The AL ARNG is committed to conserving the plentiful natural resources present on Fort McClellan Army National Guard Training Center (FM-ARNGTC) through careful management and stewardship of the environment.

The AL ARNG works cooperatively with the United State Fish and Wildlife Service and the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to implement a comprehensive natural resources management plan at the training center.  

Natural Resources Program

The natural resources program incorporates the conservation of all native wildlife species on a landscape level including game populations and federally-protected species. Protection of water resources, such as wetlands and riparian areas, as well as the prevention of soil erosion and control of invasive and exotic species are integrated into this program.  Various management tools used to achieve the objectives set for natural resources at FM-ARNGTC include prescribed fire, timber thinning, herbicide application, revegetation, and game management.

Creating a realistic training environment for the development of today's Soldier is an essential goal of natural resources management at the training center.  Management of natural resources is a critical component in supporting the AL ARNG's Mission; therefore, careful consideration is given to the type and frequency of training required and the land management decisions that will support such activities.

Threatened and Endangered Species

The FM-ARNGTC is home to five plant and animal species protected by the Endangered Species Act.  Natural resources management is prioritized for these special species and their habitats.  This includes routine population monitoring, conducting inventories through biological field surveys, management of habitat to maintain optimal conditions, and collaborating with partners for research.  Federally-protected species currently found at the training center are:

  • Gray bat
  • Indiana bat
  • Northern long-eared bat
  • Tennessee yellow-eyed grass; and
  • Mohr's Barbara's buttons

        Northern long-eared bat.jpg          Gray bat.jpg         Indiana bat.jpg


The FM-ARNGTC contains approximately 1800 acres of wetlands and 377,000 linear feet of streams.  The AL ARNG is required to prudently manage its wetlands and aquatic habitats by both Federal law and Army doctrine.  These resources do not require active management per se; however monitoring military training and land management activities as well as careful project planning prevent adverse impacts to these resources.  Aquatic habitats often harbor rare, unique and protected species.


Outdoor Recreation and Public Access

The FM-ARNGTC is an active training center for the Army National Guard and many other entities.  Due to the training schedule and safety requirements, access by the public for outdoor recreation opportunities is limited.  The training center offers a public hunting program that includes hunts for disabled and youth hunters.  Special events for youth to participate in natural resources service projects and environmental education also occur based upon training schedule and season.  For example, local Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts have participated in organized events in honor of National Public Lands Day.  This annual nationwide event encourages community volunteers to assist in restoring or improving natural resources on Federal lands.  Youth volunteers have conducted tree planting, built bird and bat houses and a walking trail at the training center.  Opportunities for community outreach through the natural resources program is reviewed and considered each year.

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