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fmtc_training_sites FMTC Training Sites

        Pelham Range                                  Eglin Training Site

   Shooting Range.jpg                       Shooting_2.jpg

This area of 23,000 acres of land in Calhoun County offers:

  • Qualification and zero ranges
  • Infantry squad battle course
  • Sniper field fire
  • AT-4 and M203 range
  • M60, .50 caliber, and 240B familiarization
  • Small arms zero range
  • MK-19 , M60 and M249 familiarization range
  • Artillery Firing points

We have the ability to accommodate the need for the following:

  • Advanced Special Forces urban shoot house
  • Live-fire shoot house
  • Forward operating base ( FOB)
  • Military operations urban terrain (MOUT) village
  • Improvised explosive device (IED) training
  • Leadership recon course
  • Team building confidence course 

The Cobb Training Site at Eglin includes 47 acres of exclusive-use land and a joint-licensed-use area of 5,000 acres. Units can conduct light and heavy maneuver training. This training site hosts forward operating base (FOB); morale, welfare, and recreation (MWR) facility; laundry facility; admin rooms; gym; bivouac and training area; and military operations urban terrain (MOUT) training buildings.

This site also facilitates the following training:

  • Humvee egress assistance training (HEAT) stations
  • Individual weapons qualifications (IWQ)
  • Night and day nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC) qualifications 
  • Crew-serve weapons familiarization
  • Improvised explosive device (IED) simulation exercise
  • Tactical drivers course


              Decatur Training Site                                                 Redstone Arsenal

Decatur Site.jpg                    Land.jpg


Fort McClellan saw potential in this 160-acre piece of property, instead of purchasing and constructing new buildings. We had a vision and are in the process of turning this location into a premier training site. It boasts with the following amenities for potential users:
  • One administrative building with 16 office rooms
  • Break rooms
  • Large conference room
  • Bathrooms and showers
  • Parade field with convenient access points that can be used to accommodate special events
  • Open range field for mission command operations (MCO)

We are excited for the future of this site.

This Northern Alabama training site was strategically placed in order to accommodate remotely located units.  Redstone Training Site consists of
  • Administrative / classroom building
  • Mobile Kitchen Trailer (MKT)
  • 80 acres of land ideal for conducting field training operations

Aside from what we offer, there is access to additional training areas that Redstone Arsenal itself hosts.


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