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JFSAP Joint Family Support Assistance Program

Joint Family Support Assistance Program


The Joint Family Support Assistance Program (JFSAP) is possible through a collaborative effort of the Department of Defense (DoD), the National Guard Bureau (NGB) and the Alabama National Guard. The program is designed to meet the needs of Families of all military (Active Duty, Guard and Reserve) members. JFSAP is designed to be a community based program and targets military Families across the state that are considered geographically dispersed from the support normally provided by an active duty installation.   A hallmark of our program is prevention through outreach and education. The JFSAP team for Alabama includes the following team members:

  • Military Family Life Consultants:  licensed clinical counselors available to provide counseling to individuals, couples and families. The counseling is non-medical and short-term.  It is based on problem solving and issue resolution. 
  • Military OneSource JFSAP Consultant:  consultant available to interact directly with Service Members and their Families by providing outreach, resources and education. Informational briefings are available for Service Members, Families, military units and leadership by using MOS services. The consultant partners with organizations to develop resources to address unmet needs and publicizes resources to the Military Family assistance networks. 
  • American Red Cross Service State Manager for Service to the Armed Forces:  helps to provide seamless access to multiple resources provided by the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross Military Liaison also offers Coping with Deployment, psychological first aid classes that are free to Service Members and their Families. The Coping with Deployment courses provide information on resiliency strategies for adults and children.  They also explain the steps required to perform psychological first aid for others under stress. 

The goal of the JFSAP team is to augment existing family support resources to facilitate and enhance the connection of families to each other.  They also provide a smooth, consistent and supportive delivery of military and community resources.  The JFSAP team provides education and counseling to help military Families deal with life's everyday challenges including parenting, marriage, all phases of the deployment cycle and other issues related to family separation and becoming suddenly military. We also strive to improve community awareness of military Families and foster positive experiences through our education and outreach.

The JFSAP team stands ready to assist you.  Please contact any member of the JFSAP team with any questions, comments or referrals.


Contact Us:

Military Family Life Consultant
North Alabama
Phone:  (334) 679-7427
Military Family Life Consultant
South Alabama
Phone:  (334) 782-5810
American Red Cross
Phone:  1-877-272-7337


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