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AirNatGuard Air National Guard



Alabama Air National Guard Headquarters

Joint Forces Headquarters Alabama (JFHQ-AL) Air Component is responsible for command, control, and supervision of assigned Alabama Air National Guard organizations.  These organizations include the 187th Fighter Wing, the 117 Air Refueling Wing, the 226th Combat Communications Group, the 232nd Combat Communications Squadron and the 280th Combat Communications Squadron.  JFHQ-AL provides mission ready forces to the federal government and the Governor of Alabama, while providing assistance to the citizens and civil authorities during natural disasters or emergencies under the command of the Adjutant General.

The Alabama Air Guard is looking for all kinds of candidates, and especially those interested in maintenance careers, munitions and weapons careers, medical careers, or cyberspace support.


The Alabama Air National Guard consists of the following units:

2AFD-100625-070.gif  - 117th Air Refueling Wing
The 117th Air Refueling Wing trains and equips combat ready aircrews and support personnel to perform worldwide aerial refueling and airlift missions. Combat ready Civil Engineering, Support services, medical, Personnel, Communications and Intelligence technical support UTCs are available for worldwide assignment. Unit supports state and local contingencies when directed by the the Governor of Alabama.

3AFG-080107-097.jpg  - 187th Fighter Wing
To provide the state Governor, National Command Authority, and Combatant Commanders with a superbly organized, trained and equipped general purpose F-16C+ Aviation Package, RC-26B Counter Drug Package and associated Expeditionary Combat Support functions for world-wide combat and peacetime/ humanitarian tasking in support of our community, state, and national interests.


5__226th_Combat_Communications_Group.png  - 226th Combat Communications Group
The 226th CCG serves as backup to the force's Network Operations Security Center (NOSC). In the event of a natural or man-made disaster, the 226th based at Montgomery's Abston Air National Guard Station will take over for the NOSC.

4thumb_0232cbcs1.jpg  -
232nd Combat Communications Squadron
Provides high-tech satellite based communications and information system services, based in
 Montgomery, Alabama.


 6__280th_Combat_Communications_Squadron.png - 280th Special Operations Communications Squadron
To train, equip, deploy and maintain stand-alone voice and data information packages for use in worldwide contingencies and provide communication electronic support and testing for any state or worldwide tasking order, as directed by the president of the United States or by the governor of the state of Alabama.




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