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Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) - Resident Course Only

The mission of the Warrant Officer Candidate School is to educate, train, and inspire candidates so that each graduate is an officer of character; committed to doing what is right legally, morally, and ethically both on and off duty; an officer who is committed to professional growth through life-long learning; and who embraces the requirements of selfless service to subordinates, superiors, our Nation, and the Constitution. Training, Advising, and Counseling (TAC) Officers along with academic instructors prepare, coach, teach, mentor, train, advise and counsel candidates, preparing them to assume responsibilities of a U.S. Army officer. They will also identify those candidates who fail to achieve the academic, leadership, discipline, character, physical, and mental standards expected of an Army Warrant Officer. There are experiential learning events throughout the program, particularly warrior tasks and battle drills related activities that provide leadership opportunities while emphasizing lessons relevant to the OE.

PREPARE PHYSICALLY! You will participate in daily physical training to include weekly foot marches up to 10K. Condition yourself in advance and bring comfortable boots (FM 7-22, Army Physical Readiness Training, and ATP 3-21.18, Foot Marches, are good references). Also, during the summer months and into the fall you can expect high temperatures and high humidity in Alabama.

WOCS Requirements and special instructions are found in the welcome letter and orientation packet.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 334-255-1287/1967 or DSN 558-1287/1967.

  •  For questions regarding Blackboard, contact the WOCS Blackboard manager, 334-255-9210 or DSN 558-9210.

What course dates are available and how do I get scheduled for WOCS?

Course dates for classes conducted by WOCC are available in ATRRS. Go to https://www.atrrs.army.mil/atrrscc/

Enter Course Number “911-09W” and click on Search.

WOCC does NOT schedule course dates. That is done by Human Resources Command (active and USAR) or by ARNG quota managers.

How do I find out if I've been selected?

You will be notified if you are selected. We are unable to tell you since WOCC is not part of the application or selection process.