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Alabama Army National Guard COVID-19 Town Hall

22 October 2021 the Alabama National Guard Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Sheryl Gordon hosts
a town hall to answer soldiers' questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
To view the entire town hall watch both Part 1 and Part 2.
Use the following breakout sheets to hear the answer to a specific question. Move the seekbar to the time indicated. 
Part 1
Question 1 (Site) Asked at 03:32 What are the legitimacies of the vaccine? Is it effective?
Question 2 (Site) Asked at 06:09 What are better resources than the recommended video (see below)
Question 3 (Audience) Asked at 09:51 What about missing long-term data? Would I be covered under longevity?
Question 4 (Site) Asked at 11:48 Why is this disease and vaccination so different from all of the other immunizations we get?
Question 5 (panel) Asked at 13:12 What happens if I go to a civilian pharmacy and I become ill? Will I be taken care of?
Question 6 (audience) Asked at 16:04 With the approval of booster shots will this become an annual requirement as well?
Question 7 (audience) Asked at 16:44 If we get the shot on duty, could it be put in the imprint system so that everyone can access it?
Question 8 (audience) Asked at 18:18 Can we get a replacement card if it’s in Med Pros?
Question 9 (site) Asked at 18:48
Why isn’t it against HIPPA to ask for proof of vaccination or mandate the vaccination?
Why isn’t it just between the service member and the doctor?
Question 10 (audience) Asked at 19:48 If you are mandating the shot, why is it that I have to take it to be on orders?
Question 11 (audience) Asked at 20:38 If you’ve already received the first shot, how would I be able to get a claim?
Question 12 (audience) Asked at 12:46 If a soldier has elected to go to a civilian Walmart or CVS and get vaccinated, can that still be put in Med Pros with proof?
Question 13 (audience) Asked at 22:29 If the soldier doesn’t want to take the vaccine what happens to his / her career?
Question 14 (audience) Asked at 23:41 If you have a natural immunity, why can’t testing be allowed, so that you don’t have to take the vaccine?
Question 15 (audience) Asked at 25:29 Is there any data whatsoever on how long the vaccines last? Should we receive the booster? If so, how long before we should receive a booster?
Part 2
Question 16 (Site) Asked at 00:23 For those of us who believe in abortion, will we be allowed a religious exemption?
Question 17 (audience) Asked at 02:03 What’s the source of fetal cells being used?
Question 18 (site) Asked at 05:08 What is the process for religious exemption?
Question 19 (audience) Asked at 09:32 Has anyone thought about the effects of losing a large number of personnel if they refuse the vaccine?
Question 20 (site) Asked at 12:02 What type of discharge will those refusing the vaccine receive?
Question 21 (audience) Asked at 12:52 Is the process for administrative separation the same for both the army and the air side?
Question 22 (site) Asked at 17:02 How is this not intimidation when soldiers are being told they will be flagged or receive a discharge from the National Guard?
Question 23 (audience) Asked at 18:37 How are the exemptions or process of exemptions going to affect the readiness?
Question 24 (audience) Asked at 21:22 Why is it mandate to get vaccinated if COVID can still be spread from a vaccinated and unvaccinated person?
Question 25 (audience) Asked at 22:39 Will I not be allowed to go to school or get promoted if I get a religious exemption?

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