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UPDATED 25 May 2022

Consolidated Department of Defense Coronavirus Disease 2019 Force Health Protection Guidance

The Defense Department continually provides information and resources on various coronavirus-related subjects for members of the DOD community and the general public. To keep Alabama National Guardsmen informed, the following update is effective as of 25 May 2022.
Mid-October, the Alabama Army National Guard issued an order, per DoD order requiring units to begin mandatory COVID-19 vaccination of all Soldiers and report the status in MEDPROS. The order, to be executed in phases, provides guidance and time to request an exception to policy and research the science of the vaccine.
Soldiers who received the COVID-19 vaccine from a provider other than the medical detachment must provide proof of vaccination to their units. Vaccination documentation may be a DHA Form 207, SF600, CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, or other medical documentation. Further, Soldiers should check MEDPROS to ensure their vaccination status is accurate.
Not sure if the COVID-19 vaccinations are for you? Soldiers can find a summary of recent changes (last updated May 20, 2022here


What's next?

  • Are you waiting for feedback on your ETP? 
    • Check with your chain of command for an update
    • A permanent medical exemption request may be returned to the State Surgeon's Office, or to the Soldier's home unit from the State Surgeon's Office, for additional documentation to assist in substantiating the medical exemption request. When the request is returned for additional documentation, the Soldier will be flagged or will be reflagged.
      • If additional documentation is needed, the Soldier will remain flagged until they have produced additional substantiating documents and have been reestablished in the exemption process or until the Soldier has been fully vaccinated. 
    • For flagging purposes a Soldier should only be considered to be “in the exemption process” once substantiating documentation has been received by the chain of command and validated for authenticity and appropriateness. Soldiers without an accepted complete packet will be processed as a refusal and flagged accordingly. If a packet is returned due to being administratively insufficient or incomplete, Soldiers have 30 days to provide any requested documents or will be flagged accordingly.
    • The following are the exceptions to the 02 May 2022 suspense: 1) new accessions in the ARNG; 2) pregnant Soldiers who cannot receive required allergy testing during pregnancy; and 3) new sensitivities/anaphylaxis to the COVID-19 vaccine.
      • All exemption packets signed by the requesting Soldier’s commander after the 01 Mar 2022 deadline, and all exceptions to the 02 May 2022 submission deadline to NGB, are required to have a Letter of Lateness (LOL) addressed to the Director, ARNG (DARNG) through the first general officer in Soldier’s chain of command. The LOL will justify the reason for missing the 01 March 2022 and 02 May 2022 deadlines.
  • Need the vaccination?
    • MEDET is working with units to schedule vaccinations during the April IDT/AT
      • Consider a visit to your provider/doctor, a pharmacy, or your local department of health office – vaccinations are at no cost to you.
      • If receiving vaccination through civilian channels, Soldiers must complete proof of vaccination to their unit.
    • Receiving the first vaccination in March or April will ensure you receive all vaccinations by the suspense date of June 30.
      • Fully vaccinated is 2 shots plus 2 weeks after the last shot - or - J&J shot plus 2 weeks after receipt.
  • Administrative actions
    • Soldiers remaining unvaccinated after the April IDT will have three refusals. Therefore, commanders are required to begin refusal counseling and actions.
      • Commanders and 1st Sergeants will complete the DA4856, which documents the third refusal.
      • Suspension of Favorable Actions (SFPA) are mandatory upon the Soldier's third vaccination refusal.
      • Commanders will complete a DA268 to document SFPA flag.
      • The Soldier’s Commander, through the chain of command, will also request that a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR) from the first General Officer in the chain of command, be initiated for the Soldier.
  • Concept of Operations
    • Current COVID guidance stems from a 30NOV21 SECDEF memo that prohibits Title 32 training or any paid status for an unvaccinated Soldier past 30JUN2022. ALARNG units will take necessary actions to comply with the SECDEF memo.
      • Soldiers who have not received the vaccine and do not have a pending exemption request are required to turn in organizational equipment during June IDT/AT periods.
      • Soldiers under adjudication for a vaccination exemption are permitted to attend IDT, annual training, and training exercises (XCTC, CTC, Northern Strike).
FRAGORD 08 (April Update to COVID-19 Vaccination Guidance) to OPORD 22-002
FRAGORD 09 (June Update to COVID-19 Vaccination Guidance) to OPORD 22-002

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